Who was Corinne Day?

Corinne Day was a model turned photographer. After teaching her self photography she got her first big break from Phil Becker, the art director of The Face. She didn’t know any models for this shoot and after searching came across Kate Moss. She gave Kate Moss her big break at the age of fourteen and together with Melanie Ward and Mark Szaszy created the fashion family. In 1993 there was an incident with some photographs for Vogue of Kate Moss which lead to their separation as Kate started being bulled at school and Corinne came under fire for promoting eating disorders, drug use and paedophilia. It wasn’t until 2000 before she worked with her again. Corinne Day was diagnosed with a terminal illness (brain tumor) and died ten years later after marrying Mark Szaszy.

What is the Fashion Family?

The fashion family is the team that Corinne Day put together to develop the Heroin Chic look. The team consisted of Melanie Ward, Kate Moss, Mark Szaszy and Herself. The team split in 1993 after the Vogue shoot went under fire. Melanie Ward went to work at Harpers Bazaar in New York City, Kate Moss signed with Calvin Klein while Mark Szaszy and Corinne Day turned to drugs and started doing a Rockumentary for the British Rock Band Pusherman.

Who was Pusherman?

Pusherman was a British Rock Band that spilt after one album (three years) due to the heavy usage of drugs and alcohol. Two of the four members have since passed away.

Who is Georgina?

‘Georgina Ellen Cooper’ is a British model who started modelling at the age of fifteen after being in a Bon Jovi video. She is currently signed to Premier Model Management and has taken part in many fashion shows and photo shoots. I have found from my research that she was close friends with Corinne Day and models throughout Diary.

Who is Tara St Hill?

Tara St Hill became close friends with both Corinne Day and Mark Szaszy during the downfall period while they were hanging out with Pusherman. Tara St Hill suffers from an illness and Corinne Day decided to document ten years of her life (Diary). In this time it shows her ill, on drugs and pregnant.

What is Diary?

Diary is a ten year long documentary by Corinne Day. It is based around the life of Tara St Hill, however Corinne Day, Georgina Cooper, Mark Szaszy and a few others appear often through it.

Who is George?

I was unable to find out who George is.

Who is Nan Goldin and Larry Clark?

Nan Goldin and Larry Clark are photographers who Corinne Day took inspiration from and found their work to be liberating.

What is Heroin Chic?

Heroin Chic and Heroine Chic are both accepted as the same term. It is a term used for people who are skinny in the extreme, wear clothes too big for them, often don’t wear a lot of makeup or have last nights make up running down their face, their hair is thin and messy and look like they are always on drugs.

What were the meanings behind Georgina, Brixton?

I found a few meanings behind this photograph, the main one being that Corinne Day wanted to challenge what people had come to expect from beauty. Every little detail in the photograph goes against what conventional beauty is.

What was the significances of Georgina’s feet being dirty?

The reason for this was because on a normal high fashion shoot, every part of the model is polished in order to look flawless so by having Georgina’s feet dirty, I think it was to challenge the conventions of a fashion shoot.

Why was the model in her underwear?

From my research I found that Corinne Day liked to get close to a model before shooting them so that she would be able to capture the real person and not a fake version. It is very likely that the underwear was actually the models own property and for some reason she was walking around like that.

Why is the model posed like that?

I think given what I now know of Corinne Day, Georgina Cooper was more than likely drunk and/or high and fell over. I think it is probable that Corinne managed to take the photo to capture that moment, which is why she looks so awkward and unflattering.