This was the decade of Madonna, Michael Jackson, and extravagance and extremes in style. Leggings, headbands, shoulder pads, and workout wear dominated. For the first time men’s fashion became a force all its own. Miami Vice-style (white suits, rolled sleeves, and blow-dried style) appeared.




Grunge, Goth, and a sense of anti-style appeared. Individualism reigned. For the first time, body art such as tattoos and body piercings were seen in mainstream culture. Coco Chanel rolled in her grave.




The trend of “climate chic”buying clothes based on ethical credentialsappears. Faux fur, organic fibers, and other products that benefit the environment are modeled by stars such as Julia Roberts and Leonardo di Caprio.

Current fashion has moved away from one universal style for all and instead various segments of the consuming public, especially the young, are likely to dress in fashions that show that they belong to a particular group or a style tribe. Writer Ted Polhemus appears to have coined this phrase. Examples of some of the better known youthful style tribes are punks, goths, hip-hop fans, and ravers.


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